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I write out of the box.

Nature has made us beings in the making

Nothing Is Forever
Nothing Is Forever

And then comes the moment when you know it’s the last time. That thing will no longer be. Not like it is. The next time it will be different, so much so that it will be another thing entirely.

That thing, in which you are still immersed, is in its final stages.

It is sad, of course. And it is as if a void is created, a sort of impenetrable silence, a core of nothing because what was everything can no longer be. It becomes a memory. It melts like snow in the sun.

In some way, however, face to…

If you respect yourself, choose the truth. Always.

White Lie or Sorry Truth?
White Lie or Sorry Truth?

What do you prefer, a white lie or a sorry truth?

For me, the answer, however uncomfortable, has always been “a sorry truth.” Of the two, it is the one that serves a purpose. White lies really piss me off. I feel they take me for a fool — when I find it out.

Furthermore, a white lie will still turn into a sorry truth sooner or later.

The truth, on the other hand, is a friend. It approaches, smiles at you in that bitter, sorry way of its, and then clarifies, bluntly, without any ceremonies. …

Great to hear it, Adriana. You deserve the best.

Everything is alright. Do not worry. Be happy.

Everything is alright. Don’t worry. The production of vaccines will increase, we will return to swarm the world as much and more than before. We will get our lives back.

The ones in which we felt depressed, slaves to a system in the First World, exterminated by that same system in the Third World. Those in which everything was fine, you just had to turn your head away.

The new (ab)normal, however, includes some imperceptible differences. With what consequences? Fewer rights, which is usually noticeable when it is too late.

  • More control. A vaccination passport that restricts your freedom of…

The earthquake is round the corner.

Companies’ Jobs Are a Cage for Individuals and Potential
Companies’ Jobs Are a Cage for Individuals and Potential

Companies’ jobs are a cage for individuals and potential. The earthquake is round the corner, and you can see it coming. The pandemic only accelerated what would have happened anyway.

Recently I read an article about how a boss who does his best to be a mentor loses his best employees again and again. He seemed not to have an actual clue about why that’s happening, but at the same time, he claims he knows his employees’ dreams.

Is it just me who sees a contradiction in terms there?

In my experience — 29 years, many different companies, from small…

I am a writer, not a creative writing teacher.

I Have Nothing to Teach
I Have Nothing to Teach

I’ve never had the pretension of teaching anyone anything. The only time I stepped into the role of the teacher because it has always fascinated me was when I gave a course to aspiring web designers.

It was my job. When I read the program that the school had approved, I asked, “Do I have to follow this program, or can I teach what the labor market demands?

Smiling embarrassed, the school director replied: “You must write in the register the subjects already approved, but if you teach something else during your class, it is not a problem.

The experience…

The perfect time to leave social media and resume the inner journey

Facebook Blank Black Page
Facebook Blank Black Page

Today Facebook appeared on Safari as a blank black page. Surprised, rather than frowning, I checked on my smartphone: my account was still there. But there was nothing on my Mac. Pitch black.

So I thought: “What if it’s the beginning of the end of this damned thing?” I was reminded of that post about the death of Facebook by Jared A. Brock— the mind, more than the writer, is what I love very much about him.

For me, Facebook was already a zombie — a risen dead — and from today, I will bury it again.

Anyone who knows…

Self-expression comes from deep within and taps into one’s uniqueness.

Intention Is Everything
Intention Is Everything

Some readers balmed me of trying to do “philosophy” with my speculative fiction in the past. My guilt was to aspire to produce something that remained without expecting to succeed.

That is, they laughed at the attempt to rise.

As if the intention included presumption, while it is always the judgment that is the worthy associate of the arrogance.

Even today, such perspective appears curious to me, as if deciding to limit oneself was a virtue, mere entertainment the only possible quality, and the lack of reflection the purpose of literature.

Thus, we understand why in 2021, there is this…

The damages of the “teachers” and the young people

Are You Prepared to Be Wrong?
Are You Prepared to Be Wrong?

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up from anything original.” — Ken Robinson

How young people have to discover their potential is on their own. If guided, the teacher must have his understanding clearly in mind. Instead, I see tons of alleged experts arrogating to themselves the right to know what’s suitable for young people when it comes to creativity.

Why? Because they know the rules to the letter. They worship them. They consider them “sine qua non.”


In Europe, our education system is a disaster: it destroys much of the potential of children and…

The day when I discovered life’s too short to complain while seated on your lucky bum

Beware of Your Judgement
Beware of Your Judgement

Most of us have virtual friends. Those people we interact with on social networks, but who we have never met in person. Time passes, and they become “friends.”

I know an Italian boy for some time, virtually, of course. His Facebook posts are short humorous phrases. Most of the time, they are zany.

Well, I have a problem with who jokes all the time. After a while, it has the opposite effect on me, and I turn sour. One day it happened to me with him: “Does this guy ever have anything serious to say?

So I enter his profile…

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