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On the Medium Writers Challenge complaints out there

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Possibly this won’t be popular.

Do I care? The answer is in front of you.

Fine. Now, do you care? I don’t think so. No one cares about what I’m about to say — a point in my favor.

Anyway, maybe you wonder who this guy is? Andrea who? …

When the dots can’t fly, democracy is an empty word, and human rights are privileges, it means you are falling

We Are in Full Decline and Gaining Speed
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Children are our miracle. The only one.

When I think of the extraordinary things our species can do, I cannot ignore the infinite sequences of facts that belittle our genius.

I don’t think he who destroys more than what he creates is a genius.

It’s a plague.

Connect the dots

The signs are…

Everyone has their way of explaining life. Some rely on technology, some idolize self-help, and some ask themselves questions to seek inner answers

A Way to Explore the Meaning of Life
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Writers love “why you write” questions to distraction. Unfortunately, they never manage to fully answer because there’s always too much to consider.

How do you define something that’s becoming? Writing changes because the source from which it springs, the writer, is subject to change. It’s like a shadow that follows…

If the consequences weigh on you, the choice must be yours

What If No One Will Ever Notice
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In life, you choose, in one way or another, sooner or later. You can’t avoid it. And it’s true that you often imagine the choices as a fork: either here or there. The end. Simple, very simple indeed. …

If you aim for the market and aspire to make a living from your novels, being it your will to sign a contract with a traditional publisher or self-publish, your fiction’s pace is a crucial factor you need to keep in mind

The Pace of Fiction in 2021
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Americans call it “fast-paced.” The alleged novel’s merit is often found already on the cover, in the blurb.

Have you ever wondered why? I’m sure you know the answer: today’s readers expect prose to go straight to the point, from the first to the last page.

While many aspiring writers…

As an IT, "multitasking" became a swearword to me! It's been abused and misused for too much time. It was supposed to be performed by machines, not us. Then they decided we are machines, with the internally consistent evil genius managers developed through decades. Sob!

Office logic pushes us towards…

“Write on controversial topics!” Argue with people for money? Is this society so quiet and peaceful that we need to add fuel to the flames? Are you sure you’re okay?

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So you want to go viral. I see. In a nutshell, you like the idea of ​​being a Coronavirus, let’s say an anthropomorphic version of it. I don’t argue: everyone aspires just as one’s likes.

Reading about your laudable efforts to rise above the masses, the minor problem I see…

As to why literature does not give answers but asks questions. About why to live. About oneself, therefore, yourself. Can you believe it?

Photo by Egor Kamelev from Pexels

My latest novel begins with a question, then tells its story while searching for the answer. When it ends, because it ends, it does so with a new question.

Don’t misjudge it. It’s a good novel, polite and diligent, as well as finite. It puts effort into delighting the reader…

Liars are guilty of lying, but we are guilty of believing them

Connected, but Severely Disconnected
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“We’d like to have a picnic in the park tomorrow, but it’ll rain,” a friend of mine told me last night. She then looked at her smartphone for a few seconds, swiping a thumb, and eventually put the gadget in front of my eyes. …

Life is a wonderful bitch. The more life expectancy gets shorter, the more you live — and love — yourself

Like There’s No Tomorrow
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“Run, Blu!” my daughter’s classmate yells. “Like there’s no tomorrow!” Laughter and a wild ride towards the labyrinthine structure of the playground.

Observing children playing with each other is like witnessing the apes we once were. Our children climb and feel a blatant joy in hanging, jumping, and doing the…

Andrea D'Angelo

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