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A way to be thankful for the Inspirers out there

Photo: Simon KovacicAdobe Stock — “Passo Giau,” Dolomites, Italy. My (promised) land.

In answer to Donn K. Harris inspiring answer.

Thank you for this inspiring answer, Donn.

It seems you are a mates-inspirer, apart from truth-seeker and paradigm-shifter! No wonder with your background, mister. Honored.

My way of writing non-fiction sticks to the open form. Rarely, I plot a bit, as we…

You should find it easy to focus on the worst implications and earn good money, but that doesn’t make you a hero

Negativity Is Your Jolly Addiction
Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

Now it’s crystal clear to me: the worst, the better.

I was already suspecting it, observing how many people followed an outrageously catastrophic politics “analyst” — if that’s an analyst —, even if only to respond with harsh words.

Two things struck me like a sudden blast from a tree’s…

Why it’s the best moment to write on Medium

It’s Just to Overthrow a Status Quo When It Becomes a Privilege
Photo by Ingo Stiller on Unsplash

It seems there’s a leak in the pipe.

Top Writers — a definition meaningful only within this platform’s boundaries — are flooding out. As they are brilliant at manipulating words and concepts, their respective exits are nothing less than dramatic.

I already wrote that I don’t buy it as it…

Andrea D'Angelo

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