All this is very interesting, but my mind is somehow rejecting to spend the few free time I have at my disposal on strategies to grow the visibility of a Publication and by consequence of its articles, even if the latter could be my articles.

It’s not how I want to spend my days writing in English on Medium. I still consider a better long-strategy elevate more and more the contents, instead of applying innovation to an internal marketing strategy.

My marketing strategy is reading other writers articles in my topics, learn from them, follow them, interact with them.

I don’t write to prove marketing strategies, I write to communicate in the best way possible my contents. Maybe I’m an old school and innovation is too much for me, but I still think that great content make itself viral no matter what, where, when and who.

I think that too often writers on Medium have a monotone voice, expressing very few, aseptic concepts. They cloning other successful writers. A good writer is a lot more than a marketing strategy. I understand the importance of making oneself more visible, but if there’s no meat to eat visibility last 10 seconds – and then possibly that reader won’t read you anymore.

So, I’m not against these practices, I simply consider that the first thing a writer should develop is the quality of his articles. Becoming a respectful, highly followed writer is a marathon, not a rush. As I’m working 9 to 5 as an IT and I have a lovely family of my own (which comes before Medium), I simply cannot follow such strategies.

If that makes me a bad writer for ILLUMINATION, as I’ve always hated to be a ballast for whoever, you can remove me from your Publication, Dr Mehmet – I will retire my content too, in such case.

I’m reading these posts and find them interesting. As of following their requests, I simply cannot afford it and I consider it secondary.

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