The Steinbock Scans the Landscape from Peaks

Thoughts on writer types

Few claps this time. Otherwise, it seems I'm clapping at myself.

Thanks for reading me, Isak, and above all, for being genuinely supportive during the past year and a half.If my English has bettered and I can express myself decently, using words clear enough, at most, it's thanks to your consistent push — and that of George J. Ziogas.

I have no significant following, and I see shallow, repetitive content writing succeed on this platform. It doesn't impress me because I see thoughtful writers emerge too. Alas, the first count legions while the latter are a few. It's a trend — and you know what I think about trends. Too many give them so much importance when they're evidence of our fall. Nevertheless, as this very article claims, I'm stubborn as a steinbock, and I cannot help to look at the world from above, climbing my Mountains of Thought. I need this, and I will survive if my writing doesn't resonate with a larger audience.

My article states it, sculped in the flank of my mountains: "Here lives a steinbock. Do not dare to call him a rabbit. He's part of the solitary creatures who scan the landscape from the peaks and doesn't belong to the holes in the ground."

I hope my attitude communicates awareness, and not only of the "self" type, instead of presumption. I think it matters, as one of the essential skills and discipline of being a writer is to sound honest, not arrogant.

My voice could be a national treasure, but it speaks to a few beloved readers. I would be surprised to experience the contrary. As per my knowledge, audiences are generally entertainment-prone and shun a wide range of excellent writings, whose mines are a tiny drop into the ocean.

It's not me being thirsty for attention; it's an entire multitude of thoughtful subjects out there.

There are armies of readers out there that don't see "you" in the first sentence and skip the piece. One of the lessons learned here is that I better leave this place before following content writing rules.

I'm learning and improving. I know what is acceptable, even if not appreciated, and what's not. So much so I hope, in another year and a half, to be at ease with the English language. Enough to write fluently the acceptable type of compositions I love to write on this platform.

As said, this time, I will finish what I started.

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