In a certain measure I agree with you, but you’re missing my point—my bad. Does that mean you need to create the perfect strategy without improving the quality of your writing? No quality, no matter which strategy you are fielding, people won’t read you, because after you reach out for them and they come to see your articles, they stop reading in the middle of the first and go away forever.

I prefer a solid readers base, than a quick one.

You must comprehend my point of view. I’m in no position to consider myself a quality-writer yet. Not in English. In Italian I can write whatever I decide to—and I had professional achievements too, so I know what “quality” means in writing.

Anyway, as said, it’s not that I think your strategies are useless. What I think is that if I don’t have all the day to work on Medium—and I don’t!—my first aim as a writer must be the quality of my writing. When I reach good quality, I can decide to use my few time on more advanced marketing strategies.

That said, there’s even another aspect: I don’t write to be succesful, a thing that people seem to worry too much here on Medium. I don’t write to earn a living, I have another job. Even if I’d like to be a full time writer one day, I have other priorities and “marketing” it’s not the first, neither the second. That said, marketing even involves the wya in which you like to interact with other people, and sometimes your methods are really not matching my ways.

As I said, I’m not a native English writer: I need to think about what matters most for a writer, that is language and communication skills.

I write out of the box.

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