Thank you for reading, Amy!

(Nice to know you passed to read me. I read an article of yours, today, but I didn’t have time to comment… I will. It’s in my To Dos)

Trees talk. Scientifically proved. There’s a TED Talk out there, if you don’t know it already. A woman discover how they communicate through the roots, with millions of spores. They sustain each other by exchanging minerals and other vital things. And it seems it’s proved that they send spores to us, too.

My message is what I felt at their feet. They were tall, and quite. Those woods are wondrous. There’s even no danger, so you can stand there, relaxed, and feel it. Listening to the soft wind through the branches: that sound is like a whisper. It was 40 years ago, I still remember it.

When I think about those trees, I wonder what kind of balance you have when you are a living being like that. It seems a perfect balance. It’s tall, but it stay firm on the ground. Roots are matching the breanches. They don’t move, they don’t talk. They stay there, quite, and in the meanwhile they help each other. Forests are alive. And balanced.

That’s why I walk all my writing life with them. They gave me balance.

(Thing that current quarantine cancelled, and I’m suffering. The first time I will go for a walk into the woods, maybe I will cry. I know me. And I know them. We will feel each other.)

That said, we’re humans. So I appreciate your reading a lot.

Stay safe and with your family the most you can, read and write. In that order. Take care. (And if you’re not quarantined and you can go out safely and you see some woods, go to do a little walk for me.)

I write out of the box. | Four times published author —

I write out of the box. | Four times published author —